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This portion of the website is dedicated to the examination and critique of the treatment of the topic of evolution in Utah's public schools.


Here is the essence of my argument for promoting academic freedom in Utah schools:

As the evolutionists would readily admit, the United States is (or at least has been) the greatest country for developing science. Perhaps that very greatness is one reason why they fight so hard to gain control over education in our nation. But this situation is incomprehensible to the atheists because they assume that anyone who believes in Christianity is an idiot who is stopping the progress of man and is a danger to society. This situation remains incomprehensible to them simply because they have become such single-issue, narrowminded fanatics and cannot back themselves out of their constraining cul-de-sac. The truth is that the only reason that we have this level of freedom in this country is exactly because it is a Christian country, and Christianity believes in the maximum freedom for people, plus the maximum individual responsibility.

The best way to destroy that very productive society, that society which produces so much good science, is to let the atheists have an undue amount of influence, which will reduce the level of freedom, which will, in turn, reduce the level of scientific advancement. In other words, they are exactly backwards in their arguments. They are blaming and trying to destroy and muzzle the very people who make possible the scientific advancements which they worship. Their actions and assertions and arguments all go in exactly the direction of a de-evolution of our abilities to produce science.

We might look at their consistently hostile and sarcastic language concerning Christians. Their language is full of it. (See gossip commentary below). Richard Dawkins (and many others) call us stupid and even evil. However, on the broader scale of things, the only reason that these atheists can be making these arguments about science advancements is because the freedom allowed by Christianity has made that scientific advancement possible. These are very foolish people who wish to damage our society through their arguments for scientific progress. They seem to not understand the meaning or effect of what they say.

If they had their way, they would shut off all scientific debate and discussion at every level of education, certainly including the high school level, but even including the university level. How can they imagine that by destroying the scientific method itself, they are going to advance the cause of science and the cause of our society? That is insanity, and certainly counterproductive, as should seem obvious to anyone who thinks about it for a moment.

They were furious that Louisiana was able to pass their law allowing teachers academic freedom in the science area. Apparently they thought they would lose in a court setting if they contested it, but they are continuing their actions to try to overturn the law which was passed by the Legislature. (See gossip commentary below).

We should read some of their blogs and testimony and court arguments, etc., to see where they would like to take us. It is all about squelching any opposition to their militant beliefs.

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Source Materials
Other Analysis and Commentary

Casey Luskin, The Constitutionality and Pedagogical Benefits of Teaching Evolution Scientifically 74pp. (pdf)

Casey Luskin, Does Challenging Darwin Create Constitutional Jeopardy? A Comprehensive Survey of Case Law Regarding The Teaching of Biological Origins 64pp. (pdf)

Sara S. Ruff, Nonreligion, Neutrality, and the Seventh Circuit's Mistake, May 2007 22pp. (pdf)


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