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Kansas vs. Darwin

Kansas vs. Darwin Documentary film of 2005 Kansas Evolution Hearings. (AVI) 82 min. 500MB


Kansas vs. Darwin -- List of extra video testimony and interview features

John Calvert Attorney speaking against the case for evolution. (AVI) 5:11 min. 19MB

Michael Behe Microbiologist testifying against evolution. (AVI) 6:09 min. 19MB

Jonathan Wells Microbiologist testifying against evolution. (AVI) 3:18 min. 18MB

William Harris Professor of medicine testifying against evolution. (AVI) 5:52 min. 19MB

Charles Thaxton Chemist testifying against evolution. (AVI) 3:26 min. 19MB

The Kansas Citizens for Science This was a very strange group, doing the opposite of what one might expect. It was a pro-evolution committee that organized for the very purpose of keeping any scientists from testifying on behalf of evolution. In other words, it decided it could do the most toward advancing the cause of evolution by organizing a boycott -- not letting any scientists testify for evolution at the Kansas hearings, and then have them probably suffer the indignity of being questioned closely by some of the most astute anti-evolution scientists in the nation. Perhaps they concluded that allowing scientists from both sides of the argument to be in full-throated disagreement in a very public setting, with those proceedings being recorded and watched worldwide, would do incalculable damage to their standard rhetoric that scientists were always in full agreement on all aspects of the theory of evolution, and that everyone should therefore accept their speculations as absolute fact. Instead, they organized a PR campaign to impugn the motives, character, and qualifications of the Kansas School Board and those invited to testify. Many of their public statements were very rude and distasteful. They thus seem to have managed to do quite a bit of damage to the cause of evolution directly themselves. This is approximately the reverse of the famous Dover PA School Board case where some proponents of Intelligent Design chose not to testify because a grossly unfavorable ruling was almost certain to be the outcome of this isolated case. (AVI) 4:11 min. 19MB

Pedro Irigonegaray Volunteer attorney who questioned (and sometimes bullied) those testifying against evolution. (AVI) 5:33 min. 19MB

30 second TV trailer for documentary (AVI) 30 sec. 5MB

2.5 minute Web Trailer for documentary (AVI) 19MB


Character Bios - Photos

Connie Morris

Rachel Robson

Filmmaker Bios - Photos

Evolution: The Great Experiment -- Video and Book

Evolution: The Great Experiment, Volume 1 (AVI) 58 min. 500MB


Evolution: The Great Experiment, Volume 1, pp0-111 (PDF) 17MB

Evolution: The Great Experiment, Volume 1, pp112-262 (PDF) 22MB


Genetic Entropy -- Book

Commentary: The Debate about Evolution Is Over Evolution has been proven not to apply to humans. Includes citations to relevant public health reports. 2pp. (PDF)

John C. Sanford, Genetic Entropy & The Mystery Of The Genome -- the genome is degenerating (PDF) 17MB

John C. Sanford, Genetic Entropy & The Mystery Of The Genome -- the genome is degenerating--Book Cover (PDF) 1MB


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